With the grace of Mother Narmada,

We are delighted to share that, once again, we have been fortunate to receive the generous support of Nick Verma from Chicago, through his esteemed NGO “Give Back to Community.” This support has enabled us to continue our mission of providing essential footwear to needy families in remote areas.
Just like last year, the assistance provided by Nick Verma and “Give Back to Community” has made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals and families. Access to suitable footwear is a basic necessity that often goes overlooked, especially in remote areas where resources are limited.
We are immensely grateful to Nick Verma for his continuous support and dedication to improving the lives of those in need. His commitment to giving back to the community and his compassion for the less fortunate have been an inspiration to us all.
As we move forward, we remain committed to ensuring that every donation of footwear is distributed thoughtfully and reaches those who are most in need. Together with “Give Back to Community,” we will continue to work tirelessly to extend our support to as many deserving families as possible.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nick Verma and his team Umesh Gaur, Dr. Devesh Batham, Dr. Sidharth and Jayant at “Give Back to Community” for their unwavering support, compassion, and commitment to making a positive impact in our community. The blessings of Mother Narmada and the collective efforts of all those involved are what make our mission possible.
May we continue to work hand in hand, spreading love, compassion, and support to those who are less fortunate, one step at a time.

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